History of Annsfield

Circa 1896

Step across the threshold of time and experience one of Juniata County’s most beloved homes.

Encompassing over one-hundred and twenty years of history, Annsfield Estate is one of Juniata County’s most recognizable homes and known by locals as “The Mansion.”

Built in 1896 by John and Anna Larner, Annsfield was a summer home used by the family, their five daughters, and the multitude of guests invited by the Larners to summer at Annsfield each year Although the family lived in Washington D.C., and were friends with the Roosevelt’s among other prominent families, Annsfield became their home away from home and remained so until the late 1930s.

“Annsfield” is derived from Anna Larner. It was named for Anna when the estate grounds were gifted to her from her parents as a wedding present in 1896. Lucy Larner Banks, John and Anna’s youngest daughter, made the estate her home in 1944 and lived here happily till she passed away in 2001.

After changing hands and remaining a private residence for the past eighteen years, Annsfield is now opening it’s doors to the public, an invitation to experience the history and splendor of this a one of a kind home in the heart of Pennsylvania.

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